Our Project Management


The Project Manager is engaged to ensure that the key issues of a construction project, cost, time, quality and above all client satisfaction are realised. The Project Manager’s role is to bring together, plan and co-ordinate all the resources needed to ensure the goals of a project are successfully achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible

The key purpose is to foresee or predict as many risks and potential problems as possible; and to plan, organise and control activities so that the project is completed as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks.

What Ecolink Projects Provide

Our Project Manager work closely alongside clients, stakeholders, consultants, contractors and authorities to deliver successful projects, services would include:

  •  Client representation
  •  Guiding clients through the design & planning to consent and then through to construction, compliance and handover
  •  Consultants & consents management
  • Contractor selection and tendering including Contractor & compliance management
  •  Scope management
  •  Feasibility and Financial reporting
  •  Programming
  •  Coordinating local authority approvals
  •  Project reporting and Stakeholder liaison
  •  Monitoring quality & design compliance
  • Overseeing Health & Safety requirements

We tailor our services to suit the requirements of each individual project.

Why Use A Project Manager

Every construction project is unique. Most buildings are one-off designs that have never been built before and will never be built again. Each project has its own unique set of parameters, such as stakeholder groups, location, ground conditions, project team, timeframe, budget and goals or requirements.

Project Management of a construction project requires a distinct set of skills and strategies that is quite different from the everyday, repetitive operation of an organisation.  There is inherently more risk in the complex activities of a construction project than with the everyday operation of an organisation.

Advantages Of Using A Project Manager

Engaging a specialist construction Project Manager has many advantages, including the following:

  •  Reducing project risk
  •  Increasing certainty
  •  Providing guidance and advice to the Client
  •  Reducing the workload and stress for the Client
  •  Leading the project forward and making it happen
  •  Providing project planning and strategy to prevent wasted effort and associated wasted money
  •  Being able to source suitable consultants and contractors for the project, in many cases having already established relationships with consultants and contractors
  •  Having the skills and experience in managing applications for Resource Consent, Building
  •  Consents, Construction Contracts and any other legal obligations involved in the construction process, reducing the technical, contractual and financial risks to you

When To Engage The Project Manager

When to engage the project manager depends on the type of project you have and the type of project manager you use.  In all cases it is best to involve your project manager as early as possible.

Choosing A Project Manager, What Are The Options?

There are many different ways to project manage a new build or major renovation projects.

  •  A registered architect/designer may manage the entire project from start to finish
  •  A registered architect/designer may have their own in house project manager that will manage the project
  •  A professional such as an engineer or a quantity surveyor may manage all or part of the project
  •  Depending on the type and scale of the project, the builder under a full contract may also manage the entire project
  •  You can engage an independent professional construction Project Manager to see the project through from to the start to the finish

Advantages Of Using An Independent Project Manager

There are many benefits of appointing an independent Project Manager (or Client Representative). Client-side Project Managers are independent of other contractors and consultants, enabling you to get the full focus and expertise of a Project Manager, acting in your best interest at all times.

With an independent project manager there is no conflict of interest, therefore the Project Manager is always working to achieve the best value for you as the client.

Our Charges

Fees are normally structured in 2 parts which are

  1. A professional fee
  2. Any direct out-of–pocket expenses associated with the project.

Fees will either be a fee set at a percentage of construction cost or a fee based on the time spent by our project manager on the project.

In some cases initial project management services may be provided on an hourly charge basis with a fee estimate provided once the Concept Design for a project is approved and the scope and scale of the project is established.

But as often discovered late in the project, the cost of not engaging a project manager may be significant if the project was to exceed the planned budget and timeframe due to poor schedule and cash flow planning, regulatory non-compliance, failure to identify and manage risks and lack of industry knowledge.